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Our Mission

Our Association

Our Mission

The mission of the Yorktown Small Business Association is to create and foster a progressive and sustainable economic development  environment in which local small businesses can be supported in a collaborative environment that allows for business growth and  development while improving the economic health and small-town vitality of the Town of Yorktown.  


Our History

Our Association

Our Mission

 The Yorktown Small Business Association was formally established on January  7, 2014 as a New York State 501 c 6 not-for-profit Corporation.  


Our Association

Our Association

Our Association

 Our members and board advisors are experienced, knowledgeable,  nonpartisan individuals who can help existing, new and fledgling  businesses improve their chances of being successful in a tough  competitive environment. We are advisors, advocates and mentors with  significant experience in many disciplines, such as: marketing, public  relations, finance, governance, communications, social media, fund  raising and recruitment.  

leadership team /advisory board


Bob Giordano, President

 As an activist and resident of Yorktown since 1988, Bob has  extensive experience in the community, volunteering with the Lions Club,  Christopher Columbus Society of Yorktown, Historical Society,  Huntersville Association and Yorktown School Board Facilities  Committee. Bob is a past President of the Historical Society, past  Treasurer and President of the Huntersville Association. Bob was  appointed by the Town Board to advisory positions on both the Landmarks  Preservation Committee and the Yorktown Planning Board  where he served for many years. His extensive corporate (IBM, Data  General Corp.) and business management experience enabled him to start  several small businesses (IT Consulting, Home Improvement, Project Management) and to play a key role in re-establishing  the Yorktown Chamber of Commerce after years of dormancy. He served on  the Yorktown Chamber of Commerce as a Director, as Treasurer and  Chairman. Bob drafted a local law and recommended that the town enact a  business improvement board in 2006. He founded the Yorktown Small Business Association in 2014, a non-partisan 501-c-6  not-for-profit corporation, dedicated to fostering progressive and  sustainable economic development opportunities for local small business.  He helped establish the Yorktown Trail Town Committee  in 2014 and served on the board. The YTTC was established and committed  to improving the awareness of the extensive trail and park system  Yorktown has to offer and promote local small businesses. In 2016 he was  appointed by the town to the Industrial Commercial  Incentive Board becoming an advisor to the Yorktown Town Board on  issues of economic development. 


Cheryl Sanchez, Executive Director

Cheryl has been a resident of Yorktown since 2003. She has extensive experience in business administration and management. She is also an entrepreneur, speaker, and author. Her first book, “The Journey of Success: Even When Success Is Just Getting Out of Bed” was released in 2018. She is the founder of TheNetWorks, an organization created to support individuals, entrepreneurs, and small businesses through networking. Cheryl is a graduate of the Bronx High School of Science and has both a BS in Business Administration and an MBA from Fordham University.

Advisory Board

Dave Paganelli, Vice President

- Public Sector/Hospitality 

Bill Stobier, Secretary

- Engineer

Adrienne Auryansen, Treasurer


Violeta Shala-Guerrero

- Finance, Personal and Business Lending

Katherine Quinn

- Not for Profits, Management, Development, Fundraising